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NYC Subway Constellations

These New York City subway system snapshots look like star constellations, don’t they? Some of the shapes are reminiscent of musical scores and other look more organic. I had fun highlighting the interesting shapes and interconnections between the various lines and I made sure to highlight all five of the boroughs.

It’s currently available as a print on my Etsy store and on pillows, totes, iPhone cases, tshirts and more on my Society 6 store!2015-Carneys-Constellations-Subway

There are stars exploding around you, and there’s nothing, nothing you can do…

Ragnar Kjartansson The Visitors, 2012

The disintegration of a marriage is captured in a musical performance piece by Ragnar Kjartansson and a bevy of his friends, currently showing at the Luhring Augustine gallery in NYC, but closing tomorrow. Kjartansson took a piece of poetry by his wife and set it to music and the piece is composed of live video capturing nine musicians performing it. The marriage was in the process of falling apart when they recorded this and he sings with alternating heartbreak and cathartic release, making it a powerful piece. The show is comprised of nine separate screens, each showing a recording of one of the performers, all simultaneously playing the same piece together. It was recorded at the Rokeby Farm mansion, itself in a state of romantic disrepair, in the Hudson Valley area of NY.  I wandered through the darkened gallery space, listening to each individual musician, with their part highlighted as I stood in front of their screen. Meanwhile each solitary artist was accompanied by the entirety of the group playing through the speakers set around the room. The jam lasts about an hour, during which time some of the musicians wander out of their own video frames and into the rooms where the other musicians are playing. It’s a study in relationships, solitariness, dissolution, friendship, and collaboration. Life happens and love is discovered and lost, yet somehow we survive in the midst of all this chaos.

“There are stars exploding around you, and there’s nothing, nothing you can do…” 


Ragnar Kjartansson The Visitors, 2012

Ragnar Kjartansson The Visitors, 2012

Ragnar Kjartansson The Visitors, 2012

NYC Art Happenings

Living in NYC brings a lot of benefits. There are a plethora of outlets to engage in whatever your flavor of art is: galleries, museums, live music venues, theatre, dance, poetry, literature, crafts, performance, street art, underground art, body art, you name it. Unfortunately, what often comes of so much choice is the complete opposite: utter paralysis. To combat this paralysis, I decided to start a rotating Pinterest board of different shows and exhibits that I’m interested in. It’s here:

My next goal is to create a calendar that is tied in to this which can remind me when shows are starting or nearing their end. I’d also like to see where they are on a map in relation to each other so that I can stack a few viewings together if I choose. Ideally, these will auto-populate when I pin something to the board.

So, the barometer of success for this project will be in how many of these shows I actually manage to take in!