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Tattooed Animals!

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Four animals on bicycles navigating geometry and life

Shawn Carney Art Bicycle FlamingoShawn Carney Art Bicycle Dog

Okay, so maybe they’re not actually navigating geometry, per se… But they certainly are navigating their way through life. This is an update on my earlier drawings featuring these playful creatures. I really prefer the clean lines, subdued by bright colors, and juxtaposition between the soft animals and sharp polygons. It feels whimsical in a fun, lighthearted way!

Available as prints on my Etsy store.

Shawn Carney Art Bicycle Elephant Shawn Carney Art Bicycle Polar Bear Penguin

Two reasons I’d go anywhere with you

Shawn Carney Art I'd Go Anywhere With YouTwo reasons I’d go anywhere with you:

  • You’ve got a cool bike.
  • You’re soft.
  • You have a nice smile.
  • You don’t mind that I can’t count.

Now available as cards on my Etsy store and soon to be available as a print, as well!