The 9 step process to transform bad habits into good ones

Everyone has bad habits. They’re usually a way for our subconscious to cope with stress or anxiety. Sometimes we slide into these negative behaviors slowly over time, sometimes they’re learned from others and sometimes they’re leftover remnants of the past. The good news is that you can transform bad habits into good ones!


Using a few simple methods, you can manifest the reality you want. Here how:

  1. Visualize the change you want to make. Consciously decide on the intentions for your life. Commit to this change and make it a priority.
  2. Decide on a substitute for the thing you are trying to change. Once you determine what you want to change and what you will replace it with, you’re ready to take action.
  3. Turn large changes into small steps. Trying to change something big takes time. You didn’t get where you are overnight and it’s going to take just as long to change those habits. Break down your plan into smaller, achievable steps that aren’t as daunting.
  4. Ritual and focus. Pick a time and work on your small step. Remove as many distractions as you can. This time is yours and it should be sacred.
  5. Join a group or find a friend who is willing to support you as you work towards this change. Declare your intentions publicly on social media. Find a way that feels authentic to hold yourself accountable to sticking with this goal.
  6. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Your goals should be SMART so you can see your progress as it unfolds.
  7. Have patience and compassion with yourself. There is no need to punish or withhold, no need to be judgmental or negative. This is a process and you need to allow yourself the room to experience it while remaining positive.
  8. Accept your limitations and go beyond them. If you experience a setback or a failure, forgive yourself. Accept your defeats, reassess, find another way, and try again.
  9. Celebrate your achievements! One small step for today, one giant leap for your life.



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