7 ways to change your perspective and get out of ruts

perspective1Using perspective, an artist creates various impressions of reality. In the same way, our individual perspective and unique point of view shape our reality. This means that we are all the master artisans of our own lives!

If your current perspective is less than optimal, you can get out of that rut and affect change in your life. Your thoughts shape your behavior and your behavior shapes your life, so you can craft the life you want to have simply by shifting your perspective.

Here are seven ways to do that:

  1. Believe in yourself. If negative self-talk is getting you down, tell that inner voice to back off. Give yourself the support that you would give your best friend
  2. Be the person you want to be. Stay authentic to yourself and act in ways that you are proud of. Each moment of your life, you have a choice about what you do, say and think. Everything, including happiness, is a choice and sometimes that choice is hard. Be the person you want to be, not the person it’s easy to be.
  3. Small changes can have huge results if you stick with them consistently. Major change often sparks positive shifts in your life, but it usually disruptive. You can create smaller positive shifts in your life with small changes.
  4. Start now. Don’t wait. If you want to make a change, do it now. See step three and figure out what small changes you can make today. If it’s important to you, make it a priority.
  5. Lean into the uncomfortable places. It is in these moments that we learn the most about ourselves. No one lives a perfect, certain life because such a thing does not exist. We all live imperfect, uncertain lives. What is up to us as individuals is to learn to love ourselves in the wake of life’s imperfections, failures, sorrows and losses and choose to be happy anyway.
  6. This moment right now is the only one that exists. Remember to appreciate and experience today, instead of wishing the past were different or dreaming of an uncertain future.
  7. Make fear your friend. Fear is the biggest blockade in our lives. Fear of change, discomfort, uncertainty, failure, not being good enough, or looking bad. Fear is designed to protect us, but when it gets in our way we need to move through it to reach our goals. Acknowledge your fears, take a deep breath, let go and live the life you want.



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