How to stop procrastinating and start living your life

It’s finally spring, although you may not know it from the weather. Nature seems to be procrastinating this season, locked in the dredges of a long winter. Maybe you’re procrastinating, too.


Want to get back to the gym? Want to start doing training laps? Want to eat healthier? Want to read more books? Want to start (or finish) a project?

What’s keeping you from doing that? Are you procrastinating? It’s probably because you’re allowing your emotions to steer the course of your life. Don’t worry, that’s human. But these emotions are often residual echoes left over from the past. At one point it might have been necessary in order to protect you in some way. Now, even though it thinks it’s trying to help, it’s just getting in your way.

But, you can move it out of your way. You just need one tool: accountability. Here’s some ways you can put this into action.

  • Schedule workouts with a friend. The commitment of being there with them will be more likely to hold you to it.
  • Have a personal mantra. “I am doing this because I love me.” When you’re feeling like you are procrastinating, stop everything. Meditate quietly and repeat your mantra in your head. Move through that emotion.
  • Stack rewards. Give yourself a treat that you only receive when you complete a task or goal. Soon you’ll look forward to that task just to get the reward.
  •  Join a support group. There are plenty of meetup and other groups in a variety of areas, so whatever your goal or project you can find other people who are doing something similar. Join them and verbalize your goals and make yourself accountable for those goals publicly. Sometimes that’s all it takes on those days when the “old you” is trying to “help”.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. We create good habits simply by performing them over and over until they are second nature. If you want to achieve something, reach for it, even when you don’t feel like it.


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