Two ways to increase your reading

So, one of my goals for this year was to start reading more. I’m currently reading Cory Doctorow’s Makers, Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You the Sun, and Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I like to read/listen to different books depending on the mood I’m in.

alejandroescamilla-book I’ve finished four books since January:

These are the books on my list to read (or listen to) next:

As you can see, I am all over the map with genres. I like a wide variety of subjects and as long as it’s not too dry or poorly written, I’m game. I have a soft spot for mysteries, sci-fi, and magical realism, but I love a good historical novel or non-fiction book, too.

tkLOe7nnQ7mnMsiuijBy_hmI’ve signed up for Audible (get two free audiobooks!). It’s what I use when I’m doing my cycling training laps or jogging. I’ve stacked the “reward” of listening to a book with exercising, so I only get to listen when I’m working out. As soon as I’m hooked on a book, it’s all I can do not to go sit on the trainer or do laps around Prospect Park, just so I can hear a few chapters!

I also use the FREE Kindle reading app which works on most devices for those digital books that I check out of the Brooklyn Public Library and have to use my eyeballs to read. It’s great. I can read on my iPad in bed before I fall asleep.

These two things have really helped me increase my reading this year, so yay to 2015 goal achievement!


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