Gigi the baby goat bounces into your heart!

I’ve been taking the Make Art That Sells (MATS) class and bootcamp this year. It’s been amazing. I’ve learned so much about a number of markets for art like bolt fabric, home décor, and children’s books. This week we’re working on children’s books (how timely!) and I’ve been tasked with creating a goat character appropriate for children’s books and hand-lettering “the three billy goats gruff” in a drawing.

I decided to go with a baby goat because THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE! I mean, seriously. And thus, Gigi was born. She’s a bit sassy, gets into trouble easier than stink on a skunk, but she has the biggest heart around. So, with great fanfare, I present you: GIGI!

Shawn Carney Art - Gigi Shawn Carney Art - Gigi


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