Eight reasons to purchase goods made by hand

Shawn Carney Art - Made by hand


1. Making things is joyful and you get to share the maker’s joy! Stuff that’s been handcrafted is imbued with a positive energy in the process.

2. You are supporting small businesses! Your money supports local craftsmen and local economies rather than contributing to the profit margin of a huge company who may or may not have fair employment practices.

3. You get something special! There is a personality to these handmade pieces and even something that is handmade in multiples is still small-scale and special.

4. Your support is good for the world! Handmade goods have less environmental impact, without the need for major manufacturing plants and waste.

5. You get something unique and interesting! Smaller companies or individual artists are willing to take chances and create fresh, edgy pieces of art.

6. You get to connect to the story behind the art! There is a transparency to the process of creation that is inherent in selling handmade work.

7. You become part of a community! Handmade items come from people who have spent years investing their skills, passion, enthusiasm and sincerity towards developing that gorgeous item you purchase. You are part of that tribe!



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