Four Benefits of Having a Supportive Community

support     səˈpôrt/

1. a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright
2. material assistance
1. to promote the interests or cause of
2. to keep from fainting, yielding, or losing courage


We all need support. Human beings are social, communal creatures (although you’d be hard pressed to get me to say that whilst on a subway car with broken air-conditioning on a sweltering summer day, but that’s exactly why I bicycle everywhere in the summer).

This goes all the way back in human history to early days when our species’ survival required the protection of families and tribes. Isolation often ended in death. Nowadays, we are shaped by our social environment and we suffer when our social bonds are threatened or broken.

There are many forms of community available locally, regionally, globally, and virtually. Communities provide:

  1. a sense of belonging and identity
  2. mutual support and a feeling of being part of something larger
  3. greater influence thanks to collaborative and combined effort
  4. a safe space for experience and exploration.

Humans, to one degree or another, introvert and extrovert alike, all need to feel like they’re part of a supportive tribe. We need community and we need connections with other individuals.

What communities are you a part of? Who holds you up when you lose courage?


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