The myth of the overnight success

“Actually, I’m an overnight success, but it took twenty years.” –Monty Hall

In this age of instant gratification, a myth has taken hold that luck and being in the right place at the right time will grant you overnight success. While it might be true for that one in a million person, for most of us it’s a trap bound to make us feel terrible about ourselves, our efforts and our abilities.

Uncertainty makes us wonder if we’re not good enough, not young enough, not old enough, not smart enough, not creative enough, not lucky enough, not _________ enough (you fill in the blank). If you’ve ever stepped out on a limb about anything, you know that feeling.


Success often requires risk, which comes with rejection, which requires resilience. It’s a cycle that demands perseverance and confidence, hard work and consistency. If you stumble, get up. If you get knocked down, get up. If you are exhausted and can’t get up, get up.

Work it harder, make it better
Do it faster, makes us stronger
More than ever, hour after hour,
Work is never over
-Daft Punk

Don’t give up. Want it. Love it. Work for it. Believe that you are good enough, experienced enough, wise enough, creative enough, lucky enough, and you deserve it. Because you do.

Put that effort in every day towards your goals. Little steps forward turn into great leaps. You’ve got this. You might not be an overnight success, but years of trying can make you look like one.

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What you do for yourself, any gesture of kindness, any gesture of gentleness, any gesture of honesty and clear seeing toward yourself, will affect how you experience your world. In fact, it will transform how you experience the world. What you do for yourself, you’re doing for others, and what you do for others, you’re doing for yourself.
-Pema Chödrön


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