Be yourself and the inspiration will come

I was practicing my hand lettering with the idea that I might hand letter the text in Dog Gone, the picture book I’m almost done illustrating. I’m not 100% sure my ability is up to the task, so I’ll keep practicing while I finish up the illustrations and we’ll see what comes of that. I’m optimistic!

Anyway, I needed a little break from the lettering, so I was doodling and I came up with this idea of a hummingbird doing loops. Using my new Illustrator knowledge, I worked up some repeating patterns for textiles along with a fun message!

These are available on my Society 6 store on a variety of merchandise such as mugs, pillows, shower curtains, iPhone covers, the list goes on! I’m going to look into having some fabric made at Spoonflower I think it would make a really cute sheet set and tea towels, too!

I really love how graphic it is and how the last one is so reminiscent of herringbone!

Shawn Carney Art Hummingbird Be Yourself

Shawn Carney Art Hummingbird Strawberry Ice Shawn Carney Art Hummingbird Lucite Green Shawn Carney Art Hummingbird Marsala Shawn Carney Art Hummingbirds Herringbone


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