Pay what you want for custom animated pet portraits!

If you stop and think, “My pet is THE MOST _____________________ IN THE WORLD!“, what words would you use to fill in that blank? Adorable, intelligent, clever, cute, talented, ridiculous… The list goes on.

What if you could have a custom animated gif pet portrait created personally for you? Or what if you could have one created for a friend’s pet? Do you have a new puppy you can’t stop thinking about when you’re at work all day? Are you crazy for your kitty? Did you lose a beloved pet that you still miss every day? Commission a custom digital portrait of your pet today!

What if I told you the price was whatever you wanted to pay? $5 $20 $60, you choose how much to pay based on how much you love the finished product! Once your custom portrait is completed (an animated gif 650×650 @ 72dpi), you can pay whatever you wish via paypal or check. It’s entirely up to you. The important part is that you have a portrait you love!

To get started, send me a photo of your pet with a clear image of his or her entire face! If you’d like, tell me a little something about your pet. A funny story perhaps, or about her favorite snack or that toy he carries with him everywhere. Then let me create a portrait of your pet (dog, cat, horse, bunny, gerbil, snake, lizard, whatever!) personalized JUST FOR YOU!

Shawn Carney Art Animated Pet Portraits - FrankShawn Carney Art Animated Pet Portraits - StuartLittle


Shawn Carney Art Animated Pet Portraits - Wynn


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