FREE 2015 Goal Worksheet for your goal success!

Have you set your goals yet for 2015? If you have, have you stuck to them? My 2015 goal planning worksheet can help you! Here’s how you do it.

  1. Set some SMART goals
    1. Specific: Is this a well defined, focused goal?
    2. Measured: Is this a quantifiable goal?
    3. Attainable: Can I achieve this goal?
    4. Relevant: Is this goal authentic to me?
    5. Time-bound: When will this goal be completed?
  2. Pre-plan
    1. What is your motivation for this goal?
    2. Who are your accountability partners? Who will help you when it gets hard? Who will high-five you when you push through?
    3. What are your blocks? Crush them!
    4. What are your inspirations? Cherish them!
  3. Break the goal into smaller tasks
    1. Keep track daily of your progress.
    2. Tick the progress boxes as you complete them.
    3. Reward yourself for work completed!
  4. Congratulations! You did it! Now, let’s take this data and learn from it.
    1. What was hard about achieving this goal? This is good to get a snapshot of where you are in this moment. You’ll be surprised how this changes over time!
    2. What was easy for you? I bet some of the things that used to be hard end up in this answer eventually!
    3. What did you enjoy? This is a good way to understand your motivations and focus your goals moving forward.
    4. What did you learn? Even the simplest goals teach us something.
    5. What new goal has this inspired? Ok, success! What’s next?

Get out there and achieve your goals!

2015 Goals Worksheet - Shawn Carney Art

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4 thoughts on “FREE 2015 Goal Worksheet for your goal success!

    1. shawncarneyart Post author

      it’s just semantics (“at the end”), but you make a good point! the language we use is important and there are more agile ways to express this concept. I’ll publish an update for 2016 in a couple of days and adjust to “retrospective”.


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