Rough versus Clean, which is better?

Updated: Available as a personalized nautical set of wall art here!

Yesterday, I decided the time had come.

I’d been relying on Photoshop alone for too long. I’d neglected the vector kingdom that is Illustrator and it was way past time for me to pay my dues.

So, behold, my first exercise in juicy Illustrator line work. It wasn’t all that scary. *sniffs and wipes teary face*

So, the question is… which version is better? The dirty, roughed up one or the clean, polygonized one?

Shawn Carney Art Whale Clean Shawn Carney Art Whale Rough


LSP Adventure Time

2 thoughts on “Rough versus Clean, which is better?

  1. kellyartisthorton

    Im am artist who still only uses my pensils and pens to create Art work, i have no ide how to use photoshop or illistrator to do anything and on the few occasions i tried , i couldnt do it ! Which ultimatly means i am really struggling now im trying to illustrate as i just cant do it ! I like both, but ican see theeal of the second one for use on books etc


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