Last day of the Kickstarter for Franks Adventures!

Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art

If you haven’t met him already, this is Frank. Earlier this year, he spent a week in the Catskills adventuring and exploring on his own. When he came home, he had lots of good stories, so I wrote them down for him and illustrated them.


Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art


Frank’s Adventures is a picture book about a little dog who realizes that sometimes it takes getting lost to find your place in the world. We have a Kickstarter going now and TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to support it!

Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art

The underlying message of the story is about finding your place in the world. Through the story of Frank’s adventures, the ideas of foster care and adoption (applicable to both dogs and children) are handled with a gentle sense of humor.

Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art

Directed primarily at children aged 4-7, it’s a fun read accompanied by beautiful images and a heartwarming message for kids and adults of all ages.
Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art

I have the story written, although it’s still undergoing some last minute edits. More than half of the images are done and the rest are sketched out and ready to finish. Once that’s all done, I’ll tweak the color palette a bit and make sure everything looks consistent and polished.

Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art


Because Kickstarter requires 100% backing in order to successfully fund a campaign and we only have one day left, what does that mean for the future of Frank’s Adventures?


We set up our budget in a scalable way, so production on Frank’s Adventures will still go forward. That means your campaign backing promise will be even more important than ever. After the Kickstarter ends on December 31st at midnight, we’ll migrate all of our campaign backing information over to Megafounder, which will will enable us to move forward with the same backer rewards, utilizing your existing campaign funding promises, on virtually the same timeframes as before!

Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art

The Timeline:

  • December 31 – Kickstarter ends!
  • January 2 – If Kickstarter is not fully funded, the current crowdfunding progress will be migrated to Megafounder (note that this will only push the Kickstarter timeline back a couple of weeks as shown below).
  • February 14 – All Frank’s Adventures artwork is completed.
  • February 27 – The book, stickers, magnets, and shipping supplies get ordered.
  • March 31 – The thank you cards are completed and all packages are shipped out!
  • April – Everyone excitedly receives their own copies of Frank’s Adventures in the mail!

Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art

This whole process has been an adventure for me, as well. It’s my first attempt at a Kickstarter and while I (so far) haven’t had full financial backing, it’s been very successful. We’ve raised over 60%! I had some tough moments second guessing myself and my work once the initial enthusiasm wore off and the backing dried out in the middle of the campaign. But, I persevered and redefined for myself what “a successful campaign” meant. Was it 100% backing? No, it was production of the book and we’d hit the tipping point to be able to produce the book with the existing funding! So, success!Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art

Thank you so much for your support, your patience and your interest! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Franks Adventures - Shawn Carney Art


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