5 Hot Winter Drinks To Keep You Warm

When winter settles in and the nights get chilly, there’s nothing that warms me up better than a hot beverage. Add a little nip of something boozy to it? Don’t mind if I do!  A thousand years ago, I used to bartend. I trained at TGI Fridays and yes, I knew how to flip bottles ala Tom Cruise in Cocktail. It was called “flair”, but mostly we called it “oh crap there’s a broken bottle of vodka in the ice again”. After that, I bartended at the Black Cat in Washington DC. Night and day, those two establishments, but my training served me well.

Shawn Carney Art - Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee makes me think of my mom. I’m not sure why. Maybe just because she’s the one that ingrained in me an appreciation for the better things to drink in life. Cheers, Mom! And, happy birthday. ♥Shawn Carney Art - Hot Buttered Rum

One drink I’ve never made before is a Hot Buttered Rum, so I was surprised to discover the batter is made with ice cream! Apparently you make a batch at the beginning of winter and it is supposed to last until the spring thaw. I don’t know whose time-frame that is, but unless I had the space equivalent to a commercial walk-in freezer, I doubt my freezer would hold enough to last all freaking winter. Yum!Shawn Carney Art - Hot Toddy

Nothing makes you feel better when you’re sick than a Hot Toddy. I’m not sure if there is any actual nutritional value or immunity boosting benefit to the drink, but really that isn’t the point. It’s about gut feel and visceral reactions. Hot, lemony, whiskey panacea? I’ll take three.

Shawn Carney Art - Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate is like a spicy sweet hug for your body. I bet it would be even better with some Himalayan Pink Salt sprinkled on top. Plus, any reason to combine chocolate, cream AND tequila seems Nobel worthy to me.
Shawn Carney Art - Mulled WineMulled Wine was a brilliant invention. Take wine. Yes, thank you. Delicious. Add bourbon. Yes, double thank you. More please.

Did I leave out your favorite hot beverage? Let me know in a comment!

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