Be not afraid…

Shawn Carney Art Be Not Afraid

I remember being a kid, windswept hair and dirty fingernails, legs dangling as I balanced precariously on the highest branch of a tree and peeled sunburnt skin from my shoulders. I was living a life that was a little dangerous, a little vulnerable, letting fly that which no longer suited me.

The last year or so has felt similarly, peeling away the layers that I no longer need and holding close that which brings me balance. Leaving the corporate world and making a go selling art is one of the boldest moves I’ve ever made in my life. It feels a little dangerous, leaves me a little vulnerable, but it also suits me very well.

Every day now I take small steps forward, accepting and learning from my myriad mistakes, ignoring the self-doubt, reveling in the small wins. It’s fulfilling and joyous and I feel so blessed to be in this place in my life.

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