Fall is my favorite season

Shawn Carney Art - VermontLeaves

I colorized the Vermont Leaves illustration this week and I was pretty happy with the way it came out. I’ve put it up on my Etsy store as a print and am considering making it into a card set as well. It makes me think about sweater weather and crisp fall mornings, the sound of leaves crackling under your feet, and looking out on a skyline lit up with warm colors. Fall is my favorite season, mostly for the gorgeous colors and breezy weather. Winter gets to be a bit glum and I find myself going into hibernation mode, although I do appreciate all of the blue, purple and gray colors everywhere.

I’ve been working on Frank’s Adventures illustrations quite a bit. Working and reworking them. I’ve started three more panels and have the basic images complete. That brings me up to six images out of thirteen mostly done (fourteen if you include the small illustration at “The End”). The cover is also in progress, but needs some rethinking. At this point, since I have so many pieces done, I can start to make sure that they all work together: matching color palettes, consistent imagery, that sort of thing. I was considering drawing out a little map of the woods where Frank is adventuring, too. I loved that in Winnie the Pooh when I was a kid and later as an adolescent in Lord of the Rings.

The Kickstarter for Frank’s Adventures is 43% funded with a little less than three weeks to go. I hope that bodes well for the project. I’ve been getting inundated with emails from crowd-funding marketing companies wanting to help me promote the campaign. I was tempted with a couple of them, but honestly, it’s hard to weed through them all and determine if it’s even worth the cost. Some of them were ridiculous and I can’t imagine anyone would fall for their tactics, but some were genuinely tempting. The idea of getting eyeballs outside of my social network is very alluring, but I don’t want to just throw money away. I did some online research, but wasn’t able to completely satisfy my concerns about which ones were actually effective. Does anyone have any experience with any crowd-funding marketers?

My goals for this week have been to keep plugging away at Frank’s Adventures, both the illustrations and promoting the Kickstarter. I’ve sent in my drawings to my new art licensing agent and hope to start working closer with them soon on some textile design basics. In the meantime, I’ve been teaching myself new Photoshop techniques through various web tutorials. I’m hoping Santa brings me a subscription to Lynda.com and SkillShare this holiday!


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