Frank and the bunny gang, updated

Frank and the bunny gang Frank and the bunny gang

Good news, the third illustration for Frank’s Adventures is complete! The bunny gang is here to steal you away…

There are thirteen panels in the book, so that means I have ten more to finish. I have the sketches done already, I just need to colorize and fine-tune them. I also need to tweak the story and the wording a little bit more. It doesn’t feel quite done yet, although it’s mostly there. Also, I need to design the book cover! If I don’t encounter any major problems, I think I need about eight – ten more weeks to get everything completed and ready for print.

I plan to list the Kickstarter for the book on Friday of next week because I think having it as an active fundraising campaign while people are doing their holiday shopping will be good timing. I’ve already done the lion’s share of the planning for the Kickstarter campaign, but there are a few things left to complete. So my Kickstarter goals for next week are:

  • decide on a project image
  • finalize budget and funding goal
  • polish up the wording for the backer reward levels
  • complete the intro video
  • lock down my project milestones and timelines

I know that sounds like a lot, but most of the work is already done. I just need to tighten things down for the final push. It’s nice to feel like I have traction and see things that I’ve been planning fall into place and start to become tangible!


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