Latest holiday design! Also, weekly goals.

Finished another design for the holiday cards:
milk and cookies

I’m pretty happy with the direction the holiday designs are taking. I’ve been focused on my color and typography and I think my work is looking more polished now.  I also decided to work on removing the outlines on drawings and I like the way that’s looking.

Goals for this week are as follows:

  • Work on a social media promotional campaign (above and beyond the basics I’m already doing)
  • Pitch my site and work to bloggers and magazines
  • Add new work to Etsy site
  • Update store banner and name/logo to include a bit of color
  • Start thinking about topics for the monthly newsletter
  • Create more artwork
  • Finalize and sign licensing contract
  • Initial sketches for Frank’s Adventures

Winter seems to have crept up on New York City, so I’m more than happy to hibernate indoors these days. Give me an excuse to not freeze my butt off outside? Yes, thank you!


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