Let it snow…

Today I worked on Frank’s Adventures. I sketched out the rough draft for the first page’s illustration. After changing up some of the concepts I’d originally had, I think it’s going to come together in a more fluid, minimalistic way. Which is not to say that my work is minimalist, but rather that I’m trying to distill down all of the superfluous stuff and condense it into the most important elements. I want every little thing I’ve included in each drawing to either be a thoughtful part of the narrative or a fun sidebar to make readers say “oh!”.

Anyway, after a while, I needed a palate cleanse, so I pulled out my b&w drawings-of-the-day from last year and found one to colorize. Since I’ve already heard back from a number of licensing agents and a number of them noted that they are selling holiday themed work, I thought, “why not give some of your drawings a holiday theme?” So, voila. let-it-snow

I’ve also been working in my sketchbook on ornaments and icons to start adding into my work. I’ve been considering textile design at Spoonflower and imagining what my work would look like as a product line. From what I’ve seen in my market research, supporting ornaments and icons take the imagery and make it cohesive as a set. I want to work on some more holiday themed images, so I’ll try to incorporate some ornaments into my next piece. If I can envision an entire product line and mock it up, I think that would be a good exercise for me, too.

Today my new large format printer was delivered. It’s still sitting in the box and weighs almost as much as I do. With it, I hope to be able to expand my Etsy store to sell color work soon. It will also allow me to create product to take to fleas and art fairs to sell. The printer uses archival quality ink and can produce a gorgeous, high-end professional print. I invested in a Spyder4Pro and calibrated my monitor, too. I was getting terribly muddy colors when I printed before, so let’s hope these two purchases resolve that!

I finished my goal of sending out emails to the agents I’d done research on and, as I mentioned earlier, the replies have already started rolling in. Some said no right away. “Not a good fit for us”, “We’re not taking on new clients”, and “You aren’t right for art licensing” were some of the responses I’ve seen so far and, honestly, that last one was a bit demoralizing. I had to remind myself not to take it personally and that this was business. Or, maybe more like dating: not everyone you want is going to want you, but if you can find someone who does, then wonderful things are possible.

And then, just when my spirits had risen again, I started to get good feedback from other agents. And all of this within 48 hours of reaching out to people! I’m feeling pretty good about things right now. I’m very new to all of this, I have SO MUCH to learn, but I am determined to absorb as much as I can, to move forward, to be successful (which to me means eventually making a simple, comfortable living making art), and I know I can do this. One step at a time forward until one day when I can glance back over my shoulder and say, “Look how far I’ve come on this journey! What fun!”


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