Etsy store basics

I’ve been looking into what it takes to set up an Etsy store. It turns out that, like most things, it take very little to do it quickly, but quite a lot to do it well. It’s important for me to do things well, so I’ve been reading, reading, reading. I’m going to need some extra brain storage soon for all the information I’ve been uploading.

The basic concepts to get started are below (thank you to Etsy for all the great articles). I’m coming into the holiday season a little late in the game, unfortunately, but every day is a day to move my business forward. etsy

The key idea that I learned is that for Etsy and these sorts of online marketplaces (and probably for art fairs and live markets, too) you need to really brand yourself. You need to define your story, describe yourself and your art and your process and your motivation, create a narrative that connects potential buyers to you as an artist and lets them get to know you, tells them why they should buy from you instead of everyone else, explains how each of your pieces stands apart from everything else available to purchase out there, while also creating a compelling and consistent branding that pulls it all together in a way that is unconditionally YOU. Super easy. Not.

And you thought selling your art was going to be hard? Try selling yourself. Or the story of yourself, really. It’s gonna be a challenge, but one I’m prepared to attempt.

So, my Etsy goals for this week are:

  • Create an Etsy store “About” page
  • Create Etsy product listings for 20 products
    • take photos of the products
    • write descriptions for the products
    • think of tags for the products
    • come up with pricing for the products
  • Research blogs/community and start reaching out and participating more

Additionally, I think I’m ready to start reaching out to Art Licensing agents now. So, I’ll use that research I did earlier and start sending out personalized letters to agents this week, too. My goal is to send 25 agents letters by Friday, November 7th. It will be a rolling goal with more letters written each week until I get through my list of agents.

I also need to keep colorizing more of my artwork. And, the pieces I’ve already colorized need to be fine-tuned a bit more. Maybe enlarge the art a bit and set the typography into the background more? We’ll see. The creative process takes its own path, no matter what I “plan” to do.

Lastly, I’ve written the first rough draft for Frank’s Adventures and given it to a friend to edit. I’ve also storyboarded out the images for the picture book. Time to start sketching them out in larger versions!

So much going on!

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