Weekly goals and… COLOR!


The last few days have just been a whirlwind of activity. From working on my art to meeting with artist friends to catching up on local street art, I’ve been going non-stop in a bunch of different directions. I’ve learned an insane amount and had some pretty valuable epiphanies in the process.Apple-Pie

For example, colorizing my drawings has been eye-opening. I’ve never really worked much in color. I mean, my paintings are mostly very subdued colors, so my color narrative has traditionally been, uh, bleak. To say the least. So this has been a week of exploration and discovery in terms of what works with what, often with unexpected results.

teapotAnother thing I stumbled onto is my process. It took me over a week to figure out what the hell I was doing and how to get the background, colors and layout the way I wanted it, but once I figured all of that out, it was like a formula that everything just fell into. I feel pretty good about getting more of my drawings colorized now that I’ve learned the language and syntax.

garlicBut what was amazing was my meeting with Taliah Lempert, local artist and business woman extraordinaire! I’d reached out to her asking for some advice/mentoring/sanity and she replied with more than I could ever have hoped for. Talk about paying it forward, empowering women, mentoring other artists and business women: Taliah went over and above. Thanks to the couple of hours I spent with her at her studio, I feel like I have a track to ride on now, wheels under me, and energy to race. I intend to pay back this kindness with blood, sweat and tears, both back to her and the community as well as into my own artwork. Never ever take for granted anyone else’s time and knowledge, it’s golden.

Chicken-SoupOne of the things that’s been on my plate lately was a street art tour via bicycle that I had planned for this past weekend. I’ve run them in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, but this one was in the Bronx and I am not so familiar with that borough, so it was challenging to curate it well. But I put in the miles and the hours and found a good variety of murals and street pieces that showcased local artists, community outreach, political inspiration, and interesting areas. There were about 35 participants riding 20 miles through the Bronx and, for many, another 20 miles back to Brooklyn. Paired with some amazing food and drinks in the Little Italy of the Bronx, Arthur Avenue, and excellent fall weather, it was a perfect day!

Cope Evelina The Point Tats Cru Bread

My mom’s coming into town for a visit starting tomorrow, so it’s unlikely I’ll spend too much time on my business or art the rest of this week, but I’m okay with that considering how much I’ve managed to get accomplished.

Some notes on goals that I want to set for next week:

  • apply for business license
  • purchase high quality printer and paper
  • work on design for postcards for marketing
  • continue to colorize drawings
  • update website with colorized work
  • continue to research and learn
  • work on Frank’s Adventures drawings
  • start work on Kickstarter video for Frank’s Adventures

Phew, it’s going to be another busy week!

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