Typewriter, drawing of the day

Per Wikipedia: “The QWERTY layout is not the most efficient layout possible, since it requires a touch-typist to move his or her fingers between rows to type the most common letters. The most likely explanation for the QWERTY arrangement is that it was designed to reduce the likelihood of internal clashing of typebars by placing commonly used combinations of letters farther from each other inside the machine. This allowed the user to type faster without jamming. In a mechanical typewriter, the arrangement of typebars is tied to the arrangement of the keys, and two adjacent bars are much more likely to clash if struck together or in a rapid sequence. Another story is that the QWERTY layout allowed early typewriter salesmen to impress their customers by being able to easily type out the example word “typewriter” without having learned the full keyboard layout, because “typewriter” can be spelled purely on the top row of the keyboard. It’s also the longest common English word you can type using purely the first row of keys; some longer English words exist but they are quite uncommon.”

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