Monthly Archives: April 2013

Pinwheel, drawing of the day

There are a variety of ways to make pinwheels, from stars to more complex shapes. This way involves no cutting, but takes a steady hand. Pinwheels are interesting examples of whirligigs that use the wind and inertia to achieve terminal velocity.

Sperm Whale and Giant Squid, drawing of the day

I imagine they were once good friends and then had a falling out about something… Maybe money or a lover? Maybe a flip remark? Whale: “You can ink squirt your way right out of here, you beaked cephalopod.” Squid:”Oh I’m leaving! And your head is full of waxy spermaceti that no one understands the purpose of other than possibly buoyancy!” Instant drama.

Cotton Gin, drawing of the day

I had to reverse engineer this from a functional perspective in order to break it out into parts. In some instances I extrapolated on how I thought the mechanics might work… So, it might not be totally accurate, but it’s pretty interesting!