NYC Art Happenings

Living in NYC brings a lot of benefits. There are a plethora of outlets to engage in whatever your flavor of art is: galleries, museums, live music venues, theatre, dance, poetry, literature, crafts, performance, street art, underground art, body art, you name it. Unfortunately, what often comes of so much choice is the complete opposite: utter paralysis. To combat this paralysis, I decided to start a rotating Pinterest board of different shows and exhibits that I’m interested in. It’s here:

My next goal is to create a calendar that is tied in to this which can remind me when shows are starting or nearing their end. I’d also like to see where they are on a map in relation to each other so that I can stack a few viewings together if I choose. Ideally, these will auto-populate when I pin something to the board.

So, the barometer of success for this project will be in how many of these shows I actually manage to take in!


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