The Old Vic Tunnels

Last night I wandered over to the Old Vic theatre in London. This is a unique arts venue hidden away under the Waterloo Station in a labyrinth of unused railway vaults and tunnels. Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Apples & Snakes was presenting The Rememberers, a performance art piece that enacts a hip-hop graphic novel set in the dystopian future. It was an interesting symbiosis of a variety of art forms, including rap narration, lyrics, projection, music and graphic novel illustration. I highly enjoyed it, although I was disappointed that in places the concepts were dumbed down unnecessarily. For example, if you’re going to make a clever roundabout reference to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, then go out on a limb and do it. Don’t be clever and then explain how you’re being clever and spell out what you’re referencing. That’s just condescending to those who didn’t get it and annoying to those of us who did. But otherwise, the show was very entertaining! Additionally, the tunnels outside the venue play host to a number of graffiti artists, so I was able to watch them work for a while. Quite a night!




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