Today, I watched this clip and was struck by a number of ideas.

First, the tempo of his oration really resonated with me. I have a tendency to need to think about what I am saying in order to express myself clearly. If I just let my thoughts dictate the pace of my speech, I end up sounding scattered, getting a bit frustrated, and forgetting the right words to clearly explain my ideas. It’s why I prefer writing so much more than talking. The cadence is mine: authentic and easy. So, I think perhaps what I am going to work on is finding a way to bring my writing style into my speaking style. Take the time, as Kenneth Folk does in this clip, to pause and consider and thoughtfully express myself. If that means I’m interrupted, then so be it. If people get impatient with me, then that’s something they need to work on. I need to express myself in the way that makes the most impact for me.

Second, I loved the idea of narrative focus versus experiential focus. That we can change our neural pathways and our minds and ourselves in these tangible ways just by being mindful and giving attention to each moment. Nothing is set in stone. Everything is possible.


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